World Cup 2018 Match Highlight on June 24, 2018

Japan v Senegal – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

England v Panama – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Poland v Colombia – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Colombia overpowered Poland to keep their hopes of qualification from Group H alive

Viewers reactions:

Jorge Velez Great game from Colombia , but to me the real question is how did FIFA determine tha Poland should be a group leader ? What has Poland accomplished in an international torunament since the 80s ? Qualification , ok who did they play – Montenegro , Armenia , Romania ( which sucks now ) and Kazaskstan . Poland a group leader over Spain and England , really.

Francisco Garcia Colombia just played at an amazing level as a team and with huge singles performances like Cuadrado and Quintero, overall Colombia is finding its football and growing in confidence. We just got to keep improving and looking forward to meet Senegal on next Thursday. Vamos.

Aranee Carrigan Good game. I enjoyed it very much. With the way Colombia played, they might go through as top of the group.

Elias Weber In fact the logic has only been confirmed … England is better than Panama! He built the win naturally during the match. Get away from this team!

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