Mexicans Rush To Korean Embassy After Korea Beats Germany, Pour Ambassador Tequila Shots

Those happiest watching Korea’s win over Germany Wednesday in the World Cup weren’t of Korean decent, but rather Mexican.

Despite laying an absolute egg against Sweden, Mexico was able to advance thanks to an imporbable Korean win over the reigning World Cup champs in Germany.

To show their appreciation, Mexican soccer fans rushed to the Korean embassy and graciously poured the ambassador tequila shots in celebration.

A Bunch Of Mexicans Carried An Old Korean Man Around The Stadium Following World Cup Game

What a crazy day for Mexico.

The team suffered an embarrassing 3-0 defeat at the hands of Sweden and saw their World Cup dream in the hands of South Korea, who needed to either tie or defeat Germany for the Mexicans to hold onto their spot in the Round 16.

Well, not only did South Korea defeat Germany, they did it winning 2-0.

Following the game, a bunch of Mexican fans found an elderly South Korean fan and decided to carry him around the stadium, celebrating with him:

South Korea knocking Germany out of the World Cup is even better with the Titanic music…

Korea Republic v Germany

There was huge drama in Kazan as reigning World Champions Germany were eliminated form the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the Group Stage by Korea Republic.

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