World Cup 2018 Semi-Final: France 1- 0 Belgium – live!

Full-time: France 1-0 Belgium

Les Bleus are into the World Cup final, leaving Belgium’s golden generation to compete for bronze! Umtiti’s goal from a set-piece, and France’s excellent defending, were the diffrence between the sides.

90+6 min: Pogba slips in Tolisso, who has a chance to put the icing on France’s gateau. But he’s denied by a splendid save by Courtois.

90+4 min: Varane makes yet another clearance from a Belgian cross. Then Vertonghen clunks into Mbappé to concede a daft freekick and a deserved yellow card.

90+2 min: Griezmann and Mbappé try to run down the clock in the Belgian corner. Mbappé lets the ball run out of play and then prevents Belgium from taking the throw-in, earning a push to the ground from Witel and a yellow from the ref.

Belgium substitution: Batshuayi on, Chadli off.

90 min: Belgium have at least six minutes to preserve their World Cup challenge …

89 min: De Bruyne’s delivery from the freekick is good. Nzonzi gets a head to it but doesn’t clear. The ball bounces around the French box before eventually being booted away. De Bruyne picks it up and sends a beautiful pass towards Lukaku … whom it misses by an inch! The striker would have been in.

88 min: Kanté booked for hauling down Hazard. Belgium have a freekick wide on the left … and one last chance, perhaps?

France substitution: Nzonzi on, Giroud off. Belgium’s chance of penetrating dwindle further …

81 min: Varane makes a super tackle on Hazard but the ball runs to Witsel, who lets fly from long range. It’s a ferocious hit but close to Lloris, who punches it away with both fists.

80 min: Brilliant run by Hazard down the left, past Pogba and into the box. He’s forced back out but then is brought down by Giroud at the edge of the box. The ref waves play on, to the disbelief of Hazard and Belgians everywhere!

75 min: Hazard jinks past Giroud in his own half and skedaddles forward, eventually picking out Mertens on the right. His crossing options are closed down so he recycles possession. Belgium eventually work it to De Bruyne at the edge of the box. With a dextrous shuffle he makes space for a shot … and then sends the ball skyward. Oh well.

69 min: Mertens curls over another cross from the right – he’s become the most likely source of an equaliser for Belgium. But France deal with his latest delivery well.

67 min: For the second time in a couple of minutes De Bruyne gives the ball away: his eagerness for Belgium to get back into the game had rendered his passing a tad desperate. France have been the more accomplished side since half-time. And on that note, Giroud has just tonked a shot 20 yards over the bar after a perfect tee-up by Griezmann.

65 min: Mertens cross again from the right. Fellaini beats Umtiti to it but heads a yard wide from 12 yards.

63 min: Chadli wins a corner. Then takes it. It’s awful. Cleared at the near post, it allows France to tip forward on the counter-attack. Hazard decides to curtail it by tugging back Matuidi. A deserved yellow card is shown.

61 min: Mertens’ first touch is a cross from the byline, heading away in extremis by Varane. De Bruyne tries to smash the dropping ball into the net from 16 yards but he’s under pressure and doesn’t catch his volley well.

Belgium substitution: Mertens on, Dembélé off.

59 min: France are in the groove now and beginning to torment Belgium with lordly keep-ball and the occasional sharp thrust. Martinez needs to make a change.

56 min: Mbappe zooms down the right and then feeds Matuidi, whose shot is blocked at the edge of thea rea. France regain possession and build anew. Then Mbappe plays in Giround with an outrageous backheeled pass. Dembéle blocks the striker’s shot. Mbappé is on fire!

54 min: Freekick to France at the left-hand corner of the box. Griezmann clips it in. Kompany heads it away.

51 min: It should be noted that France won their corner following a sharp run by Matuidi, who fed Giroud, who did well to make room for a shot that was deflected behind for a corner. After that, it was just a question of Umtiti timing his run and jump and nodding into the net.

GOAL! France 1-0 Belgium (Umtiti 51)
Umtiti heads in at the near post from a corner by Griezmann. He outjumped Fellaini, if you don’t mind!

50 min: Ominous pressure from Belgium following a move initiated by Alderweireled, who is stepping more often into midfield. In the end Chadli’s attempted cross to Fellaini is misdirected. Chaldi’s crossing has been inadeqate all game so far.

48 min: Witsel sends a deep cross from the right towards Lukaku, who beats Varane to it but heads over rom eight yards! That was a decent chance and Lukaku should have done better.

47 min: A barnstorming run by Mbappe takes France to the edge of the Belgian area before Alderwerield stretches out a leg to nick the ball away from the lightning youngster.

46 min: The boys are back, as Dropkick Murphys famously sang, and they’re looking for a breakthrough. Neither manager has seen fit to change their lineup yet.

Half-time: France 0-0 Belgium
It’s on a knife-edge. De Bruyne and, particularly, Hazard have fizzed with menace, while France have been cautious, as expected, but threatened on the counter-attack, where their speed – especially Mbappe – could damage France at any moment.

45+1 min” De Bruyne curls in a delivery from the right. Umtiti attempts to cut it out but succeeds only in diverting it towards Lukaku, who is too surprised to be able to take full advantage. The ball bounces off the striker and dribbles wide.

43 min: Griezmann curls the freekick into the wall. There was a touch of inevitability about that.

42 min: Pogba is pulled back by Demblé, giving France a freekick in a dangerous position. It’s about 25 yards, towards the right-hand side of the box. Courtois erects a four-man wall…

40 min: Lukaku comes deep and to the left in an attempt to get into the game. He gets the ball but winds up passing it backwards. Belgium stroke the ball around a bit before Matuidi makes another interception in midfield. He’s had a storming game so far.

38 min: Dembelé plays a slack pass straight to Kanté. France tear forward again. Mbappé sips a pass in to Pavard, who finds himself one-on-one with Courtois. He aims for the far corner but the keeper gets a crucial touch to the low shot with his foot! Corner to France.

36 min: France have got the upperhand in the last few minutes. They nearly opened up Belgium again now after Matuidi launched a counter-attack from deep in his own half. But it broke down when it came to Giroud. He has been more involved than Lukaku – who has been well guarded by Varane and Umtiti – but his touch has been off so far. If it continues like that, Mbappé should be redeployed through the middle.

34 min: Griezmann curls a splendid ball over Vertonghen and into the path off Mbappé, who calmly sidefoots it across goal to Giroud … who provides a perfect contract to that suave buildup by falling over and donking the ball miles wide like an oaf.

33 min: Greizmann creates spaces for a shot with a dinky feint past Witsel at the left-hand corner of the Belgian box. But then he wellies his shot into the stands, where, by the way, the atmosphere has been surprisingly sedate for a World Cup semi-final.

32 min: Hazards beats three players down the left before cutting into the box … and running the ball out of play.

31 min: Griezmann takes the freekick short to Pavard, who crosses into the area from the right. Giroud has to lean backwards and twist his neck in an inventive way to guide a header close to the target. It drops a yard wide of the post.

30 min: France enjoy a spell of possession, which ends with Vertonghen knocking over Mbappé and getting told off by the ref. France have a freekick about 35 yards out and central

28 min: Hazard nudges the ball to De Bruyne wide on the left. De Bruyne spanks a wonderful low cross into the danger zone. Umtiti excels to sweep it away from right in front of his own goal.

25 min: Griezmann sends over an outswinging corner. Fellaini stoops to nod away at the near post.

23 min: Umtiti goes long for Giroud … too long. France aren’t pretending to try outplaying Belgium here, they’re all set-up for the smash-n-grab.

22 min: Giroud only gets as couple iof hars to an attempted clearance from the corner. The ball drops behind Alderwerield, who swivels and shoots from 14 yards. Lloris hurls himself across goal to tip the ball around the post. Superb save!

21 min: More prolonged probing by Belgium. De Bruyne eventually tries to pick out Fellaini in the middle, but Varane gets his head in the way again to concede another corner.

19 min: Hazard collects the ball near the corner flag, then darts past Pavard and makes an angle for a shot. His fizzing effort is headed a yard over the bar by Varane!

17 min: Matuidi has a blast from nearly 20 yards. he strikes it sweetly but straight at Courtois, whose handling is sound. “It’s all very military so far,” reckons Hubert O’hearn. “The Infantry and mass movement of France against the lightning Cavalry of Belgium. Mbappe the rifleman, De Bruyne leading the charge. All we need is a castle to fight over.” Will a trophy do?

15 min: Witsel dispossess a French player – as he has done several times already in the game – and nips the ball on to De Bruyne, who sprints away from Kanté but then mislays a pass intended for Lukaku. Moments later Belgium attack again, Hazard scurrying into the left-hand side of the French box and firing low and hard beyond the far post.

13 min: France win possession and try to cut Belgium open immediately, Pogba aiming a searching long pass towards Mbappe. The striker shows his phenomenal speed to leave Kompany and Vertonghen in the dust … but he can’t reach the ball before Courtois, who races off his line and jumps on it.

12 min: Pogba drops a nice chipped pass over the Belgian defence and into the path of Mbappé, who tries to flick it first-time to Giroud. It’s a good idea but Alderweireld does will to beat the striker to it.

10 min: Pavard intercepts a complacent pass by De Bruye. but Witsel wins it back for Belgium and returns it to De Bruyne, who immediately tries to play in Hazard, Varane scuttles across to prevent the Chelsea man from collecting it.

8 min: Belgium continue to knock the ball about while France coil up deep. They’re going to play a counter-attacking game by the looks of it, relying on Mbappé to spring them forward. If they ever get the ball …

7 min: Chadli balloons the corner out of play on the far side, pricking the excitement.

6 min: A lovely elusive run by Hazard down the left, crowned with a dangerous low cross. Umtiti puts it out of play at the near post. Corner to Belgium …

4 mins: De Bruyne curls a vicious cross into the six-yard box. Pavard shepherds it away from the danger zone before being robbed by Fellaini. Belgium begin probing anew outside the French box …

3 min: It’s now clear that the Belgian formation is a 4-3-3, with Hazard and De Bruyne either side of Lukaku up front. Chaldi is at right-back and Vertonghen is on the left. Belgium’s first attack, meanwhile, ends when Chadli’s cross from the right is blocked by Hernandez.

1 min: Three, two, one … we have kickoff! And the early indications are that Belgium are playing a flat back four with Chadli at right-back. Mbappé, however, starts by attacking the other flank, hurtling down the left wing and pinging in a dangerous low cross towards Griezmann. Belgium clear, but that was na uneasy start for them.

Fifa’s attempt to interpret Belgium’s team sheet puts De Bruyne as a left wingback. The truth will soon be revealed…

Here come the players
But who's going to win?

Rio Ferdinand

"I fancy France"

Alan Shearer

"Belgium for me. Just"

“Regarding the clash analogies, how about François Cevert v Jacky Ickx,” hollers Geoff Martin. “Or Django Reinhardt v Stephane Grappelli. Or Eddie Merckx v … the whole of France, basically.”

“The Premier League is well represented today,” cheers Gary P. “Four each from Chelsea and Spurs, three from Man Utd, two from Man City and one from West Brom – that’s 14 out of 22 starting players!” The case for a winter break has never been stronger.

Oh, and West Brom are a bit like Legia Warsaw and Mamelodi Sundows. They’re not in the Premier League either.

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