Brazil vs Costa Rica, World Cup 2018: live score and latest updates

1 min Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica

Here we go, Brazil, their half in sunshine, attacking towards the darkness. There's something profound in that. 

2 min Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica

Wee Fagner attacks up the right, taps it up to Willian who is clipped by the former Fulham striker Bryan Ruiz. Brazil go backwards from the free-kick, play it across the defence and make laboured progress back up the right. 

4 min Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica

Fagner injects some urgency and sprints forward and hits a low outswinging cross that Gabriel Jesus snatches at and fires his shot into the defender from 15m. Ruiz makes an error with his clearance and gives it to Coutinho who flays a right-foot shot over the bar from the right of the D. 

5 min Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica

Better from Ruiz who is playing tucked in on the left and turns quickly to receive the goalkick and hook it on to Urena who storms through the middle but runs out of space, isolated from his support runners, and Miranda and Thiago Silva hound him down. 

7 min: Gamboa belts one miles over from 30 yards.

8 min: Brazil are dominating possession. Is that news? Not really. It’s what we expected. Costa Rica are sitting back and playing on the break.

9 min: Willian finds space on the right and sees his cross cut out. Bryan Ruiz tries to dribble away but he loses possession again, Fagner stepping in. Willian sets off again, only to be brought down on the right. Costa Rica are annoyed to see Bjorn Kuipers award Brazil a free-kick.

10 min: The free-kick’s too far to the right for Neymar to shoot. He clips it into the middle and Gonzalez heads the ball clear.

12 min: Casemiro has a nosebleed. He wanders to the touchline to get it sorted out. Brazil are down to 10 men momentarily

13 min: Brazil have dozed off a bit, Neymar guilty of giving away a free-kick on the right after taking a heavy touch. Costa Rica attack and Gamboa tears down the right flank, storming past a surprised Marcelo before cutting the ball back into the area. Borges arrives. His eyes light up. This is a wonderful opportunity! But he clips the ball wide of the far post from 12 yards!.

15 min: After a decent spell of Costa Rican pressure, Brazil clear their lines, but play’s stopped when Neymar’s clattered by Gonzalez. The forward gingerly walks back into position, wincing a bit.

16 min: Gamboa clips Neymar’s heels. Free-kick. It has started. Neymar pouts

17 min: Gonzalez heads Neymar’s free-kick away.

18 min: Costa Rica are very physical. They’re roughing up Brazil’s attacking stars. Willian’s the first to be bundled over, then it’s Neymar’s turn again. He’d lobbed the ball over his man, but Venegas raced back to haul Neymar down.

19 min: Neymar’s free-kick is a waste. He overhits it this time, allowing Navas to make an easy catch.

20 min: Coutinho, who’s had a quiet start, tries to release Jesus. The pass is too heavy, though, and it runs through to Navas.

23 min: Another Brazil free-kick. Neymar sends it in again and Thiago Silva heads wide.

24 min: This is pretty uninspired from Brazil. Gabriel Jesus isn’t in the game. Neymar is strutting. Coutinho and Willian are quiet and Marcelo has struggled to bound up the left flank. Costa Rica will be delighted with their start.

25 min: A cross from Neymar drifts out of play for a goal-kick. There are a few derisive whistles from the crowd.

26 min: Neymar runs dangerously at Costa Rica on the left. When he’s tackled, the ball runs to Marcelo, whose hopeful shot squirms through to Jesus. He controls and thwacks a shot high past Navas, but the flag’s up for offside. The goal is disallowed. Jesus, who always looks upset, looks especially upset.

27 min: This is more like it from Brazil. Coutinho looks up and hangs a brilliant pass over the Costa Rica defence, releasing Neymar. He’s onside but his first touch is poor, allowing Navas to charge out and block him. The ball trundles away to safety. For the first time, though, Costa Rica are panicking at the back.

29 min: Neymar has decided to start running behind Costa Rica’s defence. It’s having a positive effect. The Costa Ricans look stretched when they have to turn. Simplicity, eh? This time Neymar crosses from the left byline. It’s cleared and Marcelo hammers a shot wide from 20 yards.

30 min: Coutinho cuts inside from the left, into Coutinho territory, but he bends a right-footed shot over from 25 yards.31 min: Neymar tricks his way past and falls on the edge of the area. It looks like he’s been scythed down but the referee waves his appeals away. Neymar buries his face in the turf. There’s no point whinging, though. He drags himself to his feet and tests Costa Ricaagain. He twists and turns on the left, leaving a defender on his backside, but Jesus is offside when Neymar crosses.

33 min: “Willian can get a folding chair,” Richard McGahey says. “Get a snack and a cold beverage, watch the game in comfort from his wing while the ball goes down Neymar’s side every time.

34 min: Willian tries to prove Richard McGahey wrong, driving inside from the right, but he blasts over from 20 yards. Back to Neymar. You’ve had your go, Willian. That’s why you aren’t allowed to have the ball. Back in your box.

36 min: Joga Bullshito

39 min: Willian sends in a corner from the right. Paulinho tumbles, claiming he’s been wrestled to the ground in the Tunisian style. Nothing doing.

40 min: Willian has been appalling.

41 min: Marcelo rolls to the right, making space for a shot with a stepover, but his low drive towards the bottom right corner isn’t good enough to beat Navas.

44 min: Fagner picks out Neymar with a ball from right to left. He falls over and the flag’s up for offside. He looks so far off the pace.

45 min+1: There will be one minute of added time and Costa Ricahave a free-kick on the right. Guzman overcooks it.

47 min: “It occurs to me that none of the favourites at this World Cup have yet put together anything close to a convincing 90 minutes,” Peter Ormerod says. “Can’t work out if that’s because the ‘lesser’ teams have been better than expected or because the ‘bigger’ teams may not be quite the soccering superheroes they’re hyped up to be. I know a lot of the favourites have played only one match, but still. Hmm.”

It’s becoming clear that we could see a new winner – a Portugal, a Croatia, a Belgium. Or maybe Germany will just win it.

48 min: Jesus turns a pass into the area, looking for Paulinho. Oviedo, facing his own goal, is there to cover. But he gets himself in a tangle and passes the ball back to Navas, who was only a few yards away. The goalkeeper has to rush and hack the ball clear in a panic. The ball’s chipped back into the middle and Neymar almost profits at the far post. Unable to bundle it in, he ends up fouling Navas.

49 min: This is so much better from Brazil. They attack down the right and the ball’s stuck into the middle. Jesus rises and his header thuds against the face of the bar, with Navas beaten

50 min: The rebound from Jesus’s header eludes Paulinho but still Brazil probe. The ball’s put back into the Costa Rica area. It breaks to Coutinho, who has space 15 yards from goal. He looks certain to score – but Navas diverts the ball wide with his legs!

52 min: Costa Rica finally relieve some pressure and acquaint themselves with the Brazil half. Not for long, though. Brazil soon retrieve possession. There’s a different feel to this game already.

54 min: A replay of that Coutinho chance shows it was actually turned wide by Gamboa. Costa Rica make their first change. Bolanos replaces Urena.

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