Brazil vs Belgium 2 0 All Goals & Extended Highlights, All Goals

Belgium will face France in the Semi-Final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup after they eliminated Brazil in Kazan.

Brazil vs Belgium 2 0 All Goals & Extended Highlights 06.07.2018 Kev'n De Bruyne Amazing Goal.

Viewers reactions:

Anastasia Goygova Thank you Brazil for being there and playing, showing your team and spirit to the World. You’ll be missed. I can’t imagine WC without Brazil, your wonderful team and wonderful fans. 
Thank you! 
From Russia with love 

Khaled Mabruk Every driver should be very careful cause neymar is rolling in the highways all the way to brazil

Astrid Fiedler Respect to all who made it there. In the end, only one team will win the team that plays the best at this moment in time. Unfortunately it's not my team. But the team that wins will have deserved that win.  to the International Futbol community!

Sergio Ceja One of the beat games I’ve seen. Is in my top 3 with Mexico vs Germany, South Korea vs Germany and Brazil vs Belgium. Can’t wait for Belgium against France. I know that game is gonna be top dog

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